About Us


As children, we lived in different towns and cities across Asia with our parents, hopping from place to place. We've grown up feeling at home on wide open beaches, in tropical forests and wandering through the steamy bazaars and fragrant night markets of different cities.


Dreamt of in Australia and made in Asia with loving care.


It’s this experience of living in Asia that’s formed the foundation of our commitment to producing fashion in a way that’s both ethical and sustainable.


We know first-hand what it looks like when clothing manufacturing is not done in this way. And the difference it can make to people’s lives – and the quality of the clothes – when people are paid fair wages for their craft and operate in safe working conditions.


Taking you from here to there in comfort – and with flair


Each item in our clothing range is born from our love of travel and fair trade – and we’ve tried and tested the pieces you’ll need to make packing for each trip and heading to the airport a dream.


We’ve got a thirst for adventure. And a love of the glorious things in life.


We’re personal, ethical and proud


Designed for comfort – and to make you feel everyday fabulous, Wordcatalystmagazine is all about effortless holiday style. Everything in our range is designed to pack well, travel well, wear well, and look fantastic – time and time again.


We want to capture the thrill of leaving your guidebook in your room and wandering down winding streets in search of those adventures that can only be found off the beaten track. 


This is slow fashion – designed for sunshine holidays, for wandering through new cities, and for those days when lunch rolls into dinner. Dreamt of in Australia and made in Asia our first home, with loving care. This is stylish and sustainable fashion with quality at heart.