Vol.1, No.9 • March, 2008


Traci Hall

Shirley Allard Publisher

Tree-House Gothic
Freeze Frame
Disney: Enough Already!
Sometimes You Have To Let Go
My Christmas Gifts
Gary Snyder








Pulp Diction
Robert Hazelton
Not Quite Right
Bob Church
Whisper Gap
Jo Janoski
From The Attic
T. Owen Stark
Cheshire Cat Chronicles
Rusty Arquette
Nothin' Better To Do
Billy Jones
Dan Beams
Songs of the Soul
Harry Furness


"It's not who I am, it's what I am," I say aloud
(or, at least, I think I said it aloud)
somewhat toward the rising smoke filling the air,

continued... Bob Church


How old is poetry? That is a strange remark that I heard the other day. The history of poetry is as old as the history of language. When man (and of course this includes women) first started speaking and telling tales around the fire, there was no doubt someone who spoke of the tribe and recounted its oral history.

continued... Harry Furness


To the young lad from the country, summer holidays spent with his grandparents in Portknockie were adventures in another world. Just about the time he became aware of the heartbreak involved in adopting baby wild rabbits he realised that crabs and starfish, although smuggled home in a big jar of seawater, would not survive in a fresh water environment.

continued... Eddie Bruce

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